miguel cordeiro

composer / sound designer


Miguel Cordeiro (Guarda, 1978)

Miguel started his musical studies in his home town of Guarda, Portugal. He did his BA for Music Education at Instituto Politécnico da Guarda in 2001. This was followed by studies in Jazz at Taller de Musics in Barcelona and in Hot Club de Portugal, where his teachers included Carlo Morena, Polo Orti, Mário Laginha, Rodrigo Gonçalves and Filipe Melo. Later on he gained knowledge of composition with Paulo Perfeito and Carlos Azevedo; harmony and orchestration with Albert Guinovart and Lluis Vergés. In addition he attended several workshops with great musicians such as Myra Melford, Bruce Barth, Ben Monder, Jorge Rossy, Alexis Cuadrado among others.

In 2011 he got his MA in Film Scoring and Music for Audiovisual Media at Esmuc (Barcelona) where he had the honour of being tutored by Arnau Bataller, Xavi Capellas, Oscar Araujo, Eduard Resina and Alfons Conde.

Since 2011 he has been developing his work as a composer for audiovisual content, working with different directors of feature films, short films, documentaries and advertisements.

In 2013 he started his PhD in Composition at Royal Holloway, University of London, under the supervision of the composer Brian Lock.